Dvd ~ Want List

DVD ~ Want List:
Billy Elliot
Blood Brothers
End Of The Rainbow - 1-29-12
Godspell - 11-13-11
The Mountaintop - 9-25-11
Bonnie & Clyde - 11-9-11
The Addams Family - 11-30-11
Elf - 11-16-10
How To Succeed - Darren 1-11-12 ~ Nick Jonas 2-4-12
Leap Of Faith - 9-9-10 - 4-4-12
Little Miss Sunshine - 2-20-11
Lysistrata Jones - 11-14-11
Master Class - 6-14-11
Memphis - Adam Pascal - 11-19-11
Newsies -  3-17-12
Nice work If You Can Get It - 3-31-12
Seminar - 10-31-11
The Secret Garden
Meet Me In St Louis - need replacement


  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the one man play THE BABE... Max Gail played Babe Ruth in 1984. The hour and a half play was recorded and shown on PBS one time and has not surfaced since? Does anyone have or knows anyone who might have a copy of this?
    My email is STL121565@AOL.COM
    Thank you.

    1. Yes I know ESPN aired it also. But does anyone have it on dvd or video?

  2. Can anyone help me with the whereabouts of a video vhs/dvd of the one man play starring Max Gail portraying Babe Ruth in a 1984 play called The Babe. It was shown on pbs back in 1984. it is not in pbs's archives. just wondering if anyone has a copy of the play?
    My email is STL121565@AOL.COM

  3. Hi. It's been 5 weeks. No order. No replies. Please remedy.

  4. Hi, I would like to have from you the following dvds: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 6/12/02 ~ London; Jesus Christ Superstar December 1998 ~ Nyack, NY; Rent - Mexican Cast. You can see my list at http://buenvlad.webs.com/ Thank you!

  5. Hi,

    I am desperatly trying to find a dvd of Les Miserables from 1992 with debbie gibson. If anyone has one please email me at kissvid@aol.com


  6. I would sell my soul (almost) to get a DVD of the Encore production of "Pipe Deam" long one of my favorite shows! If anyone has one, write me at gerry.reeves@gmail.com

    1. Your e-mail doesn't work anymore, but thought I'd just say I found a copy of this production, if you're interested! Er-- e-mail ME at legotronn2@gmail.com, if you are?

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  8. Looking for Because of Winn Dixie musical - Either the Little Rock production 2013 or the Delaware Theater company 2015